Monday, January 12, 2009

Bella the Brilliant

Bella has been living with me a month now. Hard to believe it hasn't been a lifetime. She's fit into our family very well and is slowly training all of us to do her bidding.

Things my dog has taught me just this morning alone:

1) If you stand by a bowl long enough someone will feed you.

2) There's something delightful about a nice sock.

3) Never underestimate the rejuvinating powers of a good nap.

4) If you give someone a very sad look you'll get a hug.

5) If at first you don't succeed at breaking down barriers, try, try again.

The last one was Bella's frequent attempts to knock down the baby gate. After repeated attempts she succeeded in knocking the gate askew and gaining access to the secret domain (aka rest of the house outside of kitchen and family room).

As I wrestle with a particularly stubborn scene while revising book 3, I'm determined to use Bella's brilliant # 5 tip and if that doesn't work, I'm going straight to # 3. How about you? Broken down any barriers lately? Or perhaps you've just discovered a favorite pair of socks :)


wend said...

Its no good, you're going to have to get tough! My dogs can stand by a bowl all they like and know they won't get a thing and as for the sad eyes, Maggie May has got that sussed but it still doesn't work with me! Sounds as if your dog's training is coming along nicely - that is to say, she is training you! My sister's dogs have trained my brother in law to give them a biscuit just by barking at him but then he is just a dumb animal...

other WR

Holly Kennedy said...

Oh, my, Wendy!
Bella is adorable.
I'd have her in my lap all day!

Anonymous said...

Bella is adorable! I'd hug her even without the sad look. :)