Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's a bouncing baby girl!

The Vancouver Aquarium as a new addition. Twenty-year-old Beluga whale, Aurora, gave birth to her latest calf on Sunday. Click here and you can go to the beluga cam and see the cutie patootie and her mom.

I've been busy trying to wrap my mind around my new work in progress. For the first time ever I find I'm writing scenes out of order. It's driving me crazy!

A friend told me that it's no different than reading a few books at the same time but it doesn't feel like that to me. I admit I have been known to read a number of books at the same time. For example, just a few weeks ago I had Mary J. Forbes's The Doctor's Surprise Family on my bedside table (great book btw!), Allison Brennan's Sudden Death in my purse (another great book!) and a third book in my car. I'm not giving you the name of the last story because I didn't enjoy it and my momma always told me if you can't say anything nice, well, you know the rest.

Some people I know never read more than one book at a time because they say they get confused by the different story lines etc. How about you? Are you a multiple reader or a single?


Zita said...

Definitely multiple. I usually have one on my nightstand and one in the living room. And, I listen to audio books on the bus back and forth from work.

Thanks for the link to the baby beluga! How cute is that!

Wendy Roberts said...

Zita, do you read all books in the same genre or do you mix 'em up a bit?
The baby beluga is definitely an ahhhh moment of cuteness lol!

Tori Lennox said...

I read one book at a time. Now, I might start re-reading something and interrupt it to read something new, but that's as far as I go. I'm sure I'd get too confused otherwise. :)

But I have been known to write scenes out of order. *g*

Dru said...

I prefer to read one book at a time and enjoy it for as much as I can.

If I do read two books, they will not be in the same genre.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I'm a one book at a time sort of gal. The only time I read more is if I'm reading a non-fiction - then I have to read some fiction in between chapters.

Ooo, if you like Sudden Death, you'll love Fatal Secrets. Allison is awesome.

Zita said...

I tend to read the same genre. I generally find that I go throught periods when I'm in the "mood" to read a certain genre, so for that period it's all mystery, all the time (or whatever the flavour of the month is). Except for the audio books. Currently I'm hooked on the James Axler Outlanders graphic audio series. I'm on book #31 out of 46. After that is the Deathlands series, which is up to #84. I think I'll be listening for a while yet :-)

wend said...

I definately have only enough brain cells left after work to cope with one book at a time! At the moment I'm working my way through Karin Slaughter's books. I go throught phases when I read lots and then don't read a book for months.
other, twin WR

Mary J. Forbes said...

Hey Wendy! Gosh, I hadn't realized you mentioned my book--BIG thanks for the plug!! As to reading, I read one at a time, usually. Sometimes, however, I'll read chp 1of 2 books if I'm eager to read both. Then I'll go with the one that intrigues the most.

Writing scenes out of order...oy! Lucky, I've done that only once. I couldn't finish the book otherwise. Muse wouldn't allow it. ;)