Monday, November 16, 2009

New Trailer Up On Site

My web gal has the new flash intro up on my site for DEAD AND KICKING. If you get a chance, pop over to and tell me what you think :)

It is still blowing a big wind in my neck of the woods. Mother Nature has a big thorn in her butt and decided just to topple trees and small children for fun. And today's garbage day so the big debate this morning was do I put the garbage and recycling out in the morning before I head to Starbucks for the morning to write, or do it later.

Doing it in the morning means by the time I'm home I'll be joining other neighbors in the great garbage can chase down the street. Not exactly a graceful or pleasant experience. But if I take the chance and wait, I could miss the elusive garbage pick up dudes. If I miss them that'll be twice the trash next week and I'll be over my garbage limit. I decided to live dangerously and put the trash out this morning.

You know who has fun in the wind? Seagulls. Seriously. All the other (perhaps smarter birds) are tucked into their trees from protection from the big bad wind but not the gulls. Those suckers are dipping and soaring in the gusts. I'm thinking seagulls are the bad boy risk takers of birds. Probably I could be a little more seagull like in my every day dealings with the world.

Do you tend to hide and tuck yourself in when it's blustery outside or are you more of a reckless woooo hoooo kind of seagull?

Don't forget to keep all the great comments coming and your name will go into the Big Draw on December 2nd. You could win signed Ghost Dusters books AND a $100 Amazon gift card!


Dru said...

I love the trailer and can't get to get my hands on the next book.

oh I noticed on the trailer it said "Lying boyfriend"...please tell me it's not Zach. I can't be.

Wendy Roberts said...

Dru, don't you hate it when people lie to you? That's all I'm saying LOL!

Tori Lennox said...

Love the trailer! And I can't wait to read Dead and Kicking!

Anonymous said...

I'm counting the days until the new book comes out! The trailer is awesome.

~ Lindsay

Jane said...

I definitely tend to tuck myself in when it's cold outside.

your number one sis: said...

It seems here in Winnipeg we are also experiencing the same windy days but we are all very thankful due to the lack of snow. Usually on cold windy days I would be tucked in with a good book but with the knowledge that soon the snow will come I am enjoying the windy outdoors while I still can.