Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cemeteries and other fun stuff

My trip to Seattle was great fun! I signed a stack of books at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop.

There are many fabulous things about this gem of a book store in Seattle. For example, it's haunted. That's a bonus when you write about ghosts. Also, the staff are fabulous. Every year I come in and ask Fran for her recommendations and she brings me a stack of books that she's read recently and tells me what she loves about each one. I came away with some great new reads. The first I'm digging into is Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell. I haven't been able to put this one down and expect I'll be done in a couple days. There's a definite language warning for this story but, oh my oh my, it's fabulous fun!

In addition to their hand-selling of books and their wonderful personalities, Fran and Bill are always willing to jump up and help me with research. I barely mentioned that after the signing I was going to find a cemetery to visit and within seconds they'd provided the address of a great old Seattle cemetery.

So after the signing I ran off to visit Lake View Cemetery and paused momentarily at Bruce Lee's grave (his son Brandon is buried next to him). I was really there to see the old graves though and they didn't disappoint.

My little stroll through the graveyard proved very inspiring. Hey, you have your fun. I'll have mine lol!

What's inspiring you these days?


Tori Lennox said...

I love old cemeteries!

And I never knew Bruce and Brandon Lee were buried in Seattle. Learn something new every day. :)

cemetery monuments said...

is this in real bruce lee cemetery...? if its real then its so nice i like it very much thanks for sharing this with us.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I love old cemetaries, too. One of my favorite places to just chill out when I was in college was the steps of the Kaufmann mausoleum. :shrug:

I can't say that anything much is inspiring me lately. Except maybe thoughts that this book is working out really nice and I want to see how it looks when it's finished.

Your number one sis: said...

I work as a para-professional in a grade 2 class, their love of learning is very inspiring.

Gig Music Bag Musicians Dolly said...

it is very interesting so i like it. thanks for sharing us.

World War II Knifes said...

monuments is the best way for remembering the golden memories of the life. nice post

wend said...

How spooky! To think we both visit cemetaries while away from home! Hope you enjoyed the pictures of the old scottish graveyard!
other WR

ladies boots said...

i like old cemeteries. thanks for sharing it.