Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Are you old enough to remember candy cigarettes? Ahhhh yes...the good ol' days! My kids received the more pc version this halloween. They're in tiny boxes and called Peppermint Sticks. There's no red dye immitating a glowing ember on the end though.

My Halloween was a great success. I managed to create a house too frightening for most trick or treaters. Might have to tone things down next year if I don't want to end up with all this leftover candy. I gave away little chocolate bars and gumball eyeballs.

How about you? Was your Halloween a great success? Are you one of the sick people already putting up Christmas decorations??


Dru said...

We don't get trick or treaters in my building complex.

I don't pull out Christmas decorations until the week of Thanksgiving (American).

Wendy Roberts said...

Dru, did you buy special treats for yourself since you didn't have to share any? :D

Tori Lennox said...

I loved those candy cigarettes when I was a kid!

Dru said...

I did buy a small bag of candy corn and it was yummy.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Oh man, I loved candy cigarettes when I was a kid. Not the peppermint ones - which were kinda boring - but the bubblegum ones because when you blew through the paper wrapper, the powder puffed out and looked like real smoke. Ah, the good ol' days.

Three days before Halloween, the local dollar store took down the Halloween displays and put up Christmas stuff. Ack. Too early. I don't want to see or hear any Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving.

wend said...

We don't really do trick or treat in a big way in England and didn't have a single caller in our village! We have just 'celebrated' Guy Fawkes night (5 Nov) and the local primary school had a display of fireworks over the road which we viewed from the comfort of the bedroom window! Obviously we don't do thanksgiving and Christmas for our household is a quiet day at home followed by a bit of visiting in the evening. No decorations at all either!
other WR.