Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Working my way through my TBR

Tackling my "to be read" pile lately:

Breathless - Dean Koontz
Wicked - Janet Evanovich
Don't Cry - Beverly Barton
Charade - Sandra Brown
Love Me To Death - Allison Brennan

There are more I've read lately but I'm too lazy to run upstairs and look at the pile on my night stand!

I'm also busy, busy writing.

Thanks to all who keep asking about Ghost Dusters but, yes, it's dead ... pun definitely intended ha ha!

The story I'm working on now has required a lot more research than I hoped but I'm muddling my way through.

Hope all is well with everyone in blog land!


Dru said...

Just stopping by to say "hi!"

B.E. Sanderson said...

Hi Wendy! I was just wondering to myself where you were. Loved the Allison Brennan. I haven't read the rest but it looks like a great TBR list.

FYI - I had someone at my small town grocery store recommend Remains of the Dead to me the other day. She really enjoyed it and I pointed her in the direction of the other two books in the series. I know that won't help resurrect the series, but I hope it takes some of the sting out. Good luck with your new story.

Wendy Roberts said...

Hi Dru, great to see you!

Awww, thanks for hand selling the series, B.E.!

Unknown said...

Sigh....I have to say that I am very sad to hear that this series is dead. :( I absolutely loved it!! I am however waiting patiently to read your new one.What genre is this one? And when can we expect it out?

Unknown said...

What????? It's dead???!?? I loved that series and that makes me really sad. Is it dead because you just don't have anymore creative juices for that series or sales are too low and publishing company won't take it? It'd be nice to get one last book wrapping up any story lines left and see a happy ending.

Wendy Roberts said...

Dragonlily, the new book I'm working on is another mystery but I haven't finished it yet so no news yet :)

Alicia, although I did have a 4th book in mind, the series didn't sell enough to make it a worthwhile project for Penguin. The economy being what it is, the publishing world has to watch their $ just like everyone else :)

Unknown said...

Can I leave them hate mail? I guess I can always make up a happy ending on my own for Sadie and Zack. Maybe one day if you get bored, maybe you can post a short story? Lol :)

Sandy said...

Wow! I'm so shocked! I loved the Ghost Duster Series!

Anonymous said...

I purchased all of the series and have been looking forward to the next. Oh well, our loss!!!!

Megchelle said...

I am so sad to hear there is not going to be a new Ghost Dusters book. I just got on your website to see when the next one was coming out. Wow so upsetting. Best of luck on your new book.