Thursday, June 02, 2011

To Kill or Not to Kill

Sometimes I reach a point in a story where I'm not sure whether or not I'm keeping a character around because I've become attached to him, or if he really play a crucial role in the rest of the plot. Like Joe in my current work in progress (name has been changed to protect the direction of the story he he). Should Joe live, die, or just be horribly maimed?

As someone who writes by the seat of my pants, I truly don't know the end result until I'm almost there. So I have a lot of "go with your gut" moments. But sometimes my gut is more of last night's spicy dinner than true creative genius. And if I kill someone off too early in a story, that's a helluva lot of work in second draft to re-write him in.

Also, if I meander around the story just doing make-work projects for Joe until I find his purpose, that's a helluva lot of deleting later.

I think I need to meditate Joe's existence ... probably while in a bubble bath.


Dru said...

Hiya Wendy!

Can't wait to hear more about your work in progress. So, did you kill Joe?

B.E. Sanderson said...

Ugh, I hate having to decide whether to kill a character - especially if it's one I like. Good luck with your decision.

Wendy Roberts said...

Well, Joe survived for another scene. Still not sure if he'll make it for the rest of the chapter though lol

Anonymous said...

Kill him, don't kill. WRITE FASTER!

Ok, that sounds mean but I am so looking forward to a new book from you! I check your site constantly!

your number one sis said...

Sorry I missed your last few blogs, looking forward to "Thrillerfest" in NYC and future books by my favorite author.