Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sometimes you gotta take it ALL off

Many wonderful things happened this weekend at the Surrey International Writers' Conference.

My workshops seemed to be well received by the crowd and I was impressed with the caliber of participants. They came prepared to not only take notes, but pepper me with thought provoking questions. It made my job even more fun!

Speaking of fun, the amazing Robert Dugoni made the conference a hoot for all. His rousing keynote speech THIS DAY WE WRITE fired us up with enthusiasm to fill our manuscript pages. You can listen to it HERE at Books on the Radio.

Then Bob went on to donate his "This Day We Write" t-shirt (photo above) at a live auction that resembled a fun striptease. After a heated bidding war, yours truly won the t-shirt! YAY!

I was told I could strip it from Bob myself as my reward. However, he is a married man and I just don't know his wife well enough to go that far so, instead, I asked super agent, Donald Maass to help me out.

Thanks to Carol J. Garvin for posting this video of the two super powers in the writing industry attempting to awkwardly remove the t-shirt from Bob's body in a manly, non-sexual way lol. I don't know if either man will ever forgive me ha ha.

Robert Dugoni signed the t-shirt before I took it home and I am considering the best way to utilize its potential. I'm open to suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

OMG when Mr. Dugoni took off his shirt I just about fainted!! You were a great sport bidding so much on the shirt as a donation & for the benefit of all the women there :D