Monday, November 14, 2011

Everyone wants a piece of me

Every single morning I walk downstairs with one thought on my mind: COFFEE

So important is that first morning cup that I intentionally get up earlier than anyone else in the household so I can enjoy it in peace and quiet. There's just something simple and wonderful when it's just me and my java while I check emails to see if anyone from THE-GREAT-WORLD-OF-PUBLISHING has good news for me (NYC is 3 hours ahead so my crack of dawn is their noon time crack). Usually there are only ads about enhancing my manhood but a writer can dream, can't she?

It used to be that the precious moments before the pitter patter of annoying kids' feet was ME time. Then I got pets. Specifically, Bella the diva yorkie and the pigs.

So now Bella gets to go out in the back yard and receives fresh water and kibble before I get my coffee. You'd think the rodents can wait but nope. The minute I open my refrigerator to get non-fat, non-taste milk for my super strong coffee, those oinkers start squealing like they will positively DIE if they aren't fed IMMEDIATELY.

The problem with these sows is that they earnestly believe it has been days, no, WEEKS since they last ate even if it's been hours. It's like constant pms for them.

So now I've adjusted my morning routine to wake up EVEN EARLIER just so I can attend to furry divas and still have ME time before everyone gets up.


B.E. Sanderson said...

I love your dog and pigs. So cute. =o)

I just have the cats to contend with. As soon as I leave the bedroom, the princess is meowing for the special food she really only gets on the weekends. (For her, every day should be Saturday.) As soon as I step outside, the prince is demanding food of any kind. As soon as I attend to them, I can have me time - until the next instant they decide they want something.

Wendy Roberts said...

So you too have to attend to a prince & princess before your ME time lol! Your cats sound cute

B.E. Sanderson said...

They are and they know it, which is why they get away with so much. ;o)

wend said...

My first job of the morning before anything is dog walking which at this time of year is in the pitch black dark at 5.30am! The when I get back I have to feed them before I can get my breakfast!