Wednesday, December 07, 2011

What to get for the author who has everything

Most people who know me know that I don't enjoy shopping. It makes my eyes twitch and gives me cramps. This time of year is hell on a person like me. I do a lot of shopping online and in-store shopping gets done in November because I don't want to be trampled by crazed lunatics who've been imbibing in too much eggnog.

This year, I'm very proud of a couple purchases I made for myself.

Deadly serious sticky notes! On the back it claims they are perfect for letters of resignation and hit lists! What's not to love?

And the door mat pictured below. I seriously crack up every time I come home!

When delivery people arrive and Bella is barking like the crazed beast she is, I smile like the lunatic I am just because I KNOW they must be reading that mat and getting some snarky level of enjoyment out of it! So far, though, not one arrival at my door has appreciated my bastardized John Donne quotation nearly as much as I have ... nobody has even mentioned it. Except my kids. Who are embarrassed by it. But who cares? Doesn't matter squat to me because I LOVE it!

Have you bought yourself anything special lately?


B.E. Sanderson said...

Those are great! I haven't gotten myself anything fun like that in a while. I think the last was a t-shirt that says 'Nanotechnology is huge' in very tiny writing. I never did finish writing that particular book, but the shirt cracks me up.

Wendy Norris Roberts said...

I saw the note pads at Coles! I love them! They have lots of funny items this year.
Speaking of clever sayings, I have two t-shirts. On that says "Deja Moo: The feeling that I have heard this bull before" and the other says "It's all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone" and it has a picture of a dog wearing a neck cone!

Wendy Roberts said...

B.E. I cracked up reading your t-shirt! I would totally buy that hee hee

lol Wendy those tees are perfect! Wherever did you find them? I'm usually not lucky enough to come across fun stuff for ME only for the kids.

Wendy Norris Roberts said...

Wendy, the Deja Moo shirt was found in the thrift store (my second home and serious shopping addiction!), and the other shirt I got for Christmas last year from my kids! I saw it at our local farm, garden & pet store and loved it!!

Wendy Norris Roberts said...

Another one of my fav shirts (thrift store again!) is one that say "Alcatraz Mental Ward: Outpatient". I love that one since I suffer from depression!

Wendy Roberts said...

Wendy, I LOVE thrift stores too! I've found some seriously funny stuff there except most people find it weird but funny and weird are sometimes connected, right? Do you ever follow The Bloggess? Love when she blogs about her own depression battles. Gives us all hope!

wend said...

I too hate shopping and avoid the shops except when hunger sets in at this time of year (although everyone else seems to be buying enough to last 6 months). I do love the t shirts available over the pond from :
They are fun designs but i'm yet to get around to ordering 'overseas'