Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gallivanting & Writing

I went to Vegas with my sister because when you reach a certain age it becomes important to go and see Menopause the Musical. It also became important to see Phantom of the Opera because my sister had never had the pleasure of having a chandelier nearly fall on her head.

It was so hot in Vegas the bottom of my flip flops melted. It became abundantly clear why only the disheveled, homeless dudes selling water are out during the day. If you want to really be in the spirit you must rub shoulders with the drunks and hookers at night. Good times.

Because I lack the ability to turn off my brain when only vacationing for 3 days, I was up at the butt crack of dawn (6:30) each morning. I learned that, yes, it is possible to write pages on my iPad using a wireless keyboard precariously balanced on my knees while sitting in the hall outside Palio's, the fabulous coffee shop at the Bellagio that makes better lattes then Starbucks.

I am getting into Ghost Dusters 5 and trying to become well entrenched in that story before edits arrive on Ghost Dusters 4. But it's also summer, I'm on an Alaska cruise in a few weeks, all 4 kids are in the house and I need a tan. These are all distractions. However, have iPad and will travel.

How's your summer going?


wend said...

You seem to have a far more glamorous life than me! The only holiday I have to look forward to is a week in the Gower (south Wales) in September although Rhossilli beach is a lovely place to walk with the dogs. My sister is threatening to visit one weekend (provided she can cook and freeze enough meals for the family she leaves behind as they don't seem to fend for themsleves that well!) but that will probably only mean synchronised sleeping on recliners! keep up the writing!

Your Number One Sis: said...

Yes dear sister it was an amazing trip to Vegas. Glad to be part of the adventure.Have fun on the cruise.

Wendy Roberts said...

Wend, I would trade Alaska for Gower any day so you're the glamorous one!

Sis, Vegas was extra special 'cause it was with you!

Leslie Jensen said...

Have fun on your Alaskan cruise. I've never heard of anyone that didn't love that trip! You even made Vegas sound fun! My big trip late in the summer will be a wedding in Ohio. Yee haw!

Glad to hear about the progress on the Ghost Duster books! Can't wait to read them!

hakan said...

very thankfull

healthquester said...

Made my day to know new stories are coming.
I luv your characters and the quirky take on life warms my heart.
No holiday for moi this summer. I'm gonna explore things/places in my home city of Vancouver. And practice being grateful for who I am and What I have!
Cheers Mar

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear of another book coming out. I check your site every so often because I love your stories.