Saturday, December 22, 2012

Better Wrap Those Gifts

The Mayan's were wrong, or else they just scheduled The End on the wrong day. I can sympathize because I sometimes schedule an important event on my iPhone calendar on the wrong day, or time, or century.

A few things I know (or hope) won't be rescheduled ...

Release of GROUNDS TO KILL January 7th - click here to pre-order

Release of DEAD SUITE February 19th - click here to pre-order

Release of DROP DEAD BEAUTY May 21st - click here to pre-order

Release of ME from rainy Vancouver to the sun-drenched beaches of Maui on December 26th

I will talk to you in the new year. No matter how you celebrate this holiday season, I wish you JOY.


Wendy Norris Roberts said...

I think that the Mayans were predicting a beginning of change or upheaval. I guess we will see!

Your books are definitely on my to-do list for the New Year!

Have a wonderful trip and I will try not to be too jealous!!

Leslie Jensen said...

So exciting to see all of those books on the horizon. 2013 is going to be a great year! I can't wait to see what comes from that night spent you spent in the graveyard! Spooky! Maybe a halloween 2013 release! Ha!

Have a safe trip and a very happy holiday!

Wendy Roberts said...

Wendy, remember I'm travelling with 4 kids. That will help curb jealousy lol!

Leslie, you are too funny! :D

B.E. Sanderson said...

Congratulations on all your upcoming releases! Have a blast in Maui - even if you do have to wrangle kids. See you in 2013! =o)

Shirley said...

December 30, 2012
Hi Wendy; so glad you well and tap-dancing again. smile...
Have bought and read your first 4 books over and over..was excited when I found out you have written more; alas I only paper or hardcover mysteries.....I granddaughter bought a Kindle for her brother, my grandson.
I do hope you will still write mysteries on PAPER so a few of us can enjoy them, too.
Hope your Christmas was happy with your family....I hope your health and your family have a beautiful and fun year for 2013.
God Bless. smile. or just call me Shirley Grin