Thursday, March 29, 2007

Finding the Peril in Pedicure

My sister is in town from Winnipeg so I did something I rarely do ... I took a day off writing and did "girly" stuff. We shopped, lunched and got pedicures.

As easy as it was to leave the computer at home, my thoughts are never far from murder :) As we sat having our feet massaged and toenails painted, I began thinking about paraffin wax. If you've never received a paraffin wax treatment when getting a pedicure, it's divine. A little warm wax leaves those previously rough digits soft as a baby's bottom.

However, I was sitting there wondering about a woman receiving the same wax treatment on her hands while getting a manicure.

What if she just shot someone before showing up for her manicure?
Would the gun shot residue be sloughed into the wax when it's taken off her hands?
Could a detective get a warrant for the old wax to check it for GSR?

Even though my mind didn't officially take a vacation day, the girl day with my sister was wonderful.

As for the GSR question, I'm going to do some checking with my sources and I'll get back to you. In the meantime tell me, does your mind wonder to murder?


Jana DeLeon said...

Mine does - but then great minds think alike. :) I'm always off on some weird tangent. I see the worst in everything when it comes to a possible criminal element. Guess that's why we write mysteries.

Wendy Roberts said...

Yes, Jana, you and I definitely think alike he he he.

Anonymous said...

Actually I have been thinking about murder lately. But right now I think I'm too much like "Abigail Aydeedee" from Diana's blog. I should be finishing a darn book and not thinking of others.

;) Tiana

Wendy Roberts said...

Hi Tiana! It's definitely hard just to find the time to write, isn't it?

Rachel Vincent said...

I took my sister out for a pedicure last weekend, for her 26th birthday.

And yes, my mind wonders to murder quite often. I have some interesting and disgusting ways to get rid of a body now. ;-)

Wendy Roberts said...

LOL Rachel, I knew we were a lot alike!