Friday, March 09, 2007

Odds and Ends

This has been a week of research.
I've done a fair bit of writing on Book 2 but it's been a stop and start kind of thing because of all the facts I've been collecting.
While in research mode I often pick up odds and ends. Little facts that serve no useful purpose for the story but they sit there in my research file ready to be dragged out, just in case.

Here are my odds and ends from this week:

- Even pandas can use arificial limbs

- There's a Seattle law that says goldfish can ride the city buses in bowls.

- Charlie Chaplin died in Vevey, Switzerland

- The oldest house in Seattle is The Ward House and it was built in 1882

- A knife wound to the spleen will bleed out quicker than a knife wound to the kidney

- The headquarters of is an old military hospital that is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a nurse

- You can try and hide the tofu but your kids will always pick it out.

That last one didn't require cracking any books or research on the net :)

So in your comings in and your goings out, have you managed to find any interesting tidbits this week?


Anonymous said...

I learned that you can drag a kid to vegetables but you can't make him eat =:-}


The Cosmic Kid said...

-A.B.S.--Always Be Saving

-In relation to A.B.S., High School Girl Scouts have an aversion to the rule A.B.S. while editing in iMovie.

-The "Annie Oakley" who appeared in Thomas Edison's early film clips was not Annie Oakley, just a woman with a gun.

-The "Threshold" of a doorway was adopted in Gothic Castles. In the winter, straw was put on the floor to insulate it, and a board was placed across the doorways to contain it.

-Holly Hughes (of the NEA 4, famous performance artist) is shorter than I.

-Tony Danza sucks as Max Bialystock in the Producers...oh wait...I knew that BEFORE the NY Times told me...

Wendy Roberts said...

Hey Tina, you're not the only one to discover the vegie thing LOL. If only brussel sprouts tasted like chocolate *sigh*

Cosmic, I like your list. Definitely agree with you about Tony Danza. What were they thinking?!