Wednesday, January 09, 2008

An Edible Clean

I've noticed a trend in body care. Most of my soaps and lotions are becoming food products.

Just today I:

- showered using body wash with Powdered Sugar
- shampooed with apricot shampoo
- used cucumber lotion on my hands
- applied mint lotion on my feet
- used green apple spray in my hair
- brushed my teeth with lemon toothpaste (that tastes like Lemon Pledge *yuk*)

I don't know whether to go about my day or put a price tag on my head and go and stand in the produce section of my market.

You may have guess that I'm not a scent person. I enjoy fragrances on occasion but mostly I find them overwhelming. Since giving birth I've become somewhat of a bloodhound. Smells seem to be magnified. My kids are long out of diapers but if I'm out in public I can still smell out a kid needing changing at over a hundred yards.

It seems that the body care industry has cut back on the flowery scents and replaced them with these food product smells. I don't think it's better. Yesterday I eyed the cucumbers in my sandwich with suspicion. I didn't know whether to eat them or rub them on my elbows.

Are you into food smells in your body care stuff?


Rachel Vincent said...

Sometimes. Vanilla and green apple are just about the only scents (period) that don't set off my migraines. In lotion, anyway. Scented shampoo and most deoderants don't seem to bother me. But I can't stand perfume or cologne.

B.E. Sanderson said...

No foodie body products for me. For one thing, if they smell tasty I'm hungry all day. For another thing, in the summer time they attract bugs. Seriously. My daughter used some milk and honey shampoo last summer and the bees followed her everywhere. (Which was worse than irritating because she's afraid of bees.)

Anissa said...

I prefer food smells to anything overly musky or flowery. Still, I don't wear perfume or anything. Honestly, magazines (with their samples) often give me headaches. I avoid the perfume section of department stores too. Eek!

Your cucumber dilemma cracked me up!

The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

I have quite a few dessert scented body products in my bathroom cabinet. I don't know if I'm a glutton for punishment or just looking for a cheap (read calorie-free) substitute for real sweets, but I find myself wearing more of these products when I'm dieting. Interestingly enough, just the smell is enough to stave off any cravings to actually eat the food version of the product. But I do love the dessert scented body powders that actually have to state on the packaging NOT intended for consumption. Maybe too many dieters started just licking the product off themselves whenever the cravings struck. ;-)