Monday, June 30, 2008

Self-matching Socks Would Change My Life

A family of six creates a lot of laundry. Heaping tons of undies, t-shirts and *shudder* socks. I swear the absolute worst time of the week is sock time. That moment when there is no hiding from mountain of mismatched foot covers and my young boys are whining, "I've got no socks."

Nobody wants to deal with the mound of hosiery. I beg and cajole the kids into taking a stack and attempting to find partners for each sock. Together we must spend hours at this chore. Each week I find myself daydreaming of tossing out the works and just buying new. Socks are one of the main reasons I must kill people on paper.

Forget sending people to live on Mars. Forget discovering a new efficient fuel source. If someone invents self folding socks now THAT would change my life.

How about you? Are you waiting for an invention to save you hours of frustration?


Anonymous said...

A greatly needed invention in my household would be teenagers who can keep their rooms clean plus can cook a healthy meal or make a snack, not just pizza pops, and then miraculously clean up the mess afterwards. Am I asking for too much?

Anonymous said...

A self-cleaning house and a car with autopilot would be great.

conley730 said...

You could always get a bunch of those lingerie bags and put matching socks in there before you wash them. That sounds like a lot of trouble though! I just have my socks and the boys' socks to go through, so it's not too bad yet. Since it's summer, none of us is wearing socks anyway!

Wendy Roberts said...

Yes, sis, you are asking too much! ha ha

Tori, I'm first in line for one of those self-cleaning houses but you can have the 2nd one ;)

Conley, perhaps if I could train the kids to actually put them in the lingerie bags when they take them off ... hmmm. In theory it sounds wonderful. In practice, it would probably fail at the training stage *sigh*

Anissa said...

My MIL introduced me to sock locks

You can get a different color for each family member. MIL claims hubby used them growing up, he's not so great at it now. Of course. ;)

But if you can get your kids in the habit of putting them on their socks as soon as they come off their feet, it would totally work. I'm waiting for my boys to get a bit older. Just a thought.

Wendy Roberts said...

Anissa, I LOVE this idea. I'm determined to put sock locks on my shopping list as soon as we're back in town!