Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sometimes you just need a push

In San Antonio there is a haunted railroad intersection where some children were killed in a tragic accident when a train smashed into their bus. This picture was supposedly taken at that scene and shows a ghostly child.

Legend has it that ghostly children hang out at the scene and any car stopped near the tracks will be pushed out of harms way by unseen hands. Stop a few yards away and your car is pushed (up hill!) and across the tracks. The story goes on to say that if a powder is sprinkled over your vehicle's bumpers, handprints will appear.


Anissa said...

Spooky. You come up with the best ghost stories!

Anonymous said...

Why is it I can watch Ghost Hunters and get excited when they get proof but these pictures creep me out? *g*

Wendy Roberts said...

Anissa, I'm a hoot around a campfire LOL!

Tori, I haven'tseen Ghost Hunters yet but it's on my to-do list :)