Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ghosts Hate Fun

It's been a while since I did a ghost post, mostly because I haven't found one that I thought was fun or interesting. However, doing a little reading this weekend I came upon an article about a couple psychics in my own back yard. I tried linking to the article but for blogger was giving me grief about it so I'll summarize.

A couple of psychics named Christophir and Crystell Regan claim their condo is "incredibly haunted". Now they are psychics who also claim that they always expect to meet spirits in a new place so this isn't surprising. But why their condo? Apparently at this new place ghosts are always pounding on doors, slamming blinds against windows and doing other "nasty unpleasantness".

I was curious why a ghost would haunt a condo. I mean, houses are the usual portal of choice for spirits, right? I can't imagine the Amityville Horror movie taking place in a condo complex rather than that spooky ol' house. However, the Regan's condo complex is located on the site of the former Woodlands School that opened in 1878 to house the mentally ill. Over 3,000 residents died and were buried on the site before it closed its doors in 1996. I'm guessing there's a lot of messed up spirits around that area because of that.

At one point in the article I felt like the Regans were reading my mind ... or atleast my Ghost Dusters books because they claim that their condo gosts don't know they've entered the spirit world. They go on to claim that "many times, people die and do not know they are dead" and "they want to help spirits move on towards the light".

Whoa! I got goose bumps because it sounds just like something Sadie Novak would have said! Except they don't try and talk with the gosts and reason with them about the benefits of moving on to the next dimension. Nope. The Regans say that the best way to keep control of your ghosts is to "turn on all the lights and laugh a lot" because the negative energy hates laughter.

So if you're woken in the middle of the night with ghosts slamming things around in your house or condo, start cracking jokes or turn on an old episode of Seinfeld and that will solve that problem.

That was my interesting read this weekend. How about you? Read anything fascinating lately, or have any temper tantrumming ghosts in your house?


Anonymous said...

I just remembered a ghost's EVP (electronic voice phenomena) the guys from Ghost Hunters caught on one episode. They were in the basement of this building (I think it was a bar/restaurant) and the voice said quite plainly (well, as plain as you can get with hissy static *g*) "I like the one with the hat!" One of the GH guys was wearing a hat! The voice didn't sound mean or anything. It sounded more like they were having a good time. But maybe that's because they were in a bar and not a mental institution. *g*

Wendy Roberts said...

"Like the one with the hat" ... Ooooh I love that! Very spooky and fun

Anonymous said...

What amused me was it sounded like the ghosts were critiquing the ghost hunters. *g*

wend said...

I didn't read anything spooky but I am reading 'Cesars Way' by Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer and I can highly recommend that to all dog owners!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy, thanks for commenting on my blog! Thought I'd check yours out since I recognize your name from Susan's blog. I'll return! Cheers, Lisa

Wendy Roberts said...

Tori, yes I thought so too! The odd critiquing the odd LOL!

Wend, I've been meaning to get that book and now I've ordered it. Thanks for the recommendation!

Lisa, thanks for the visit :)