Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Cool!

I really enjoyed my time on Bowen Island with friend Mary J. Forbes.

Dan the man who runs The Old Dorm B & B where we stayed, made sure we were well pampered and taken care of. We'd feast on his marvelous breakfast, write, wander the lagoon to visit the cantankerous swan that likes to bully the ducks and then return to write some more.There were only a few restaurants open mid-week on Bowen but we managed to try most for lunch or dinner and established Tuscany's as our favorite,just like it was when we visited a couple years ago.

It's been hard keeping up the writing schedule now that I'm home. Mostly because it is so darn HOT! We're having a heat wave and I am so NOT used to this kind of weather.

Sooo any advice to keep cool in a home without a/c?

Don't forget to post a comment about your favorite vacation spot, include a link to pictures if you can, and I'll put your name in a draw for some great summer reading material!


wend said...

Heatwaves for us are so few and far between that I've not got any particular survival tips! I do however like to string up my hammock under the trees at the bottom of the garden when its warm enough and read a book while gently rocking.

We had a press release from the Met Office (UK weather agency) this week, further to their release earlier in the year which said that we would be having 'a BBQ summer'! This latest release, after one of the wettest Julys in years, was to say they had made a mistake and that August was probably going to be wet too! Fingers crossed for September when we head for Scotland...

other, soggier, WR

wend said...

PS - glad you had a nice time - sounds lovely!


Tori Lennox said...

I've never lived anywhere where a/c wasn't a necessity. I would DIE in your heat wave.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Sorry to hear about your heat wave. It's been strangely cool here this year. And wet. We've already gotten more rain here in NE Colorado than my mother has in Michigan. Weird.

Tips for staying cool without AC? Buy fans - lots of fans. Take cool showers. Drink fruity cold beverages while lying by the pool (if you don't have one, pick up a cheap kiddie pool and lie in it).

Wendy Roberts said...

Wend, last year when I was in England there was a few days of heat wave too. Maybe I bring it with me HA HA!

Tori, so what if your a/c breaks down? Do you have an emergency plan he he?

B.E. how odd that you're experiencing cool and wet weather this summer. Perhaps we could make a trade. We don't have a pool but we have a hottub that has now been cooled to pool temps :)

B.E. Sanderson said...

I had to go and say it was a cool summer here. Yesterday it got into the nineties. Bleh. Lying in a cool tub sipping fruity drinks sounds like a plan.