Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things aren't always as they appear

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving so, yup, I'm full of turkey and exhausted from all the work. That's my defense for my momentary lack of brain power this morning.

You see, this morning I went to Wal-mart to stock up on a few things. Mainly Halloween candy because I'm craving chocolate. Anyhow, I come out of Wally-land after an hour and I start heading for my blue Dodge Caravan. I stop in mid-tracks when I notice that my antenna ball appears to be missing. How annoying is that?! First of all I LOVE my Mickey Football antenna ball because it's cute and I'm a football mom. Plus, have you ever noticed how many blue minivans there are out there? Millions. Probably even billions. And they're all at Wal-mart on a Tuesday morning.

Anyway, so I'm standing in the parking lot loudly cursing at the van and digging in my purse for my keys when this lovely old lady brushes past me and puts her keys in the door of her van. That's right. HER van. It's not even my vehicle. Mine was right next to it, antenna ball intact.

So there you go. A perfectly good temper tantrum and rant wasted there in the parking lot for no reason. On a high note, I laughed at myself all the way home because I'm just happy nobody was with me at the time.

How's your week going so far?


Dru said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

I'm glad your antenna ball was still intact.

My week is good, minus the dentist appointment tomorrow.

Have a good week.

Wendy Roberts said...

Thanks, Dru.
There are few things I hate more than the dentist *shudder* good luck!

B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, I did something similar at the local grocery store a while back. I mean, I live in a little town, so how many silver Cavaliers can there be? Apparently there are at least two, because I was standing there clicking my unlock button and not understanding why the damn car wouldn't open. And then I noticed my little window sticker was missing... Umm, not my car. Mine was about five cars to the left. D'oh.

I'm floating the idea that writers' minds are on loftier things, so that's why we do stuff like lose our cars and trip over stuff.

Anonymous said...

I would like to state before my comment that after having a baby, one is sleep deprived and should not be held accountable for idiotic moments!

Three and a half years ago, after my youngest was born, I went Christmas shopping (after the kids were in bed!) at Kohl's. I got some fantastic deals! Feeling quite proud of myself, I went out to my car and got in it. Stuck my key in the ignition and thought, "I really wish my husband would readjust the seat when he is done using my van." I went turned the key...but it wouldn't budge. I then looked around and realized that I was in a toyota sienna -- but it wasn't my toyota sienna. Mine was a few cars down. I looked around to be sure no one witnessed -- what had to be a post pregnancy brain fart. I slinked to my car...completely embarrased. And checked twice to be sure I was in the right car this time!