Monday, October 04, 2010

Updates and Ramblings

Life is funny.
Not always funny ha ha.
Sometimes it’s just funny strange.

It’s not that I totally abandoned the idea of blogging. I just needed to put it on the back burner for a while in order to deal with more pressing issues:

1) Health issues that involved my gallbladder as well as a host of other issues that seemed to suck the life right out of me.

2) My publisher decided not to renew the Ghost Dusters series beyond three books. I’ve received many emails asking about the next book but, unfortunately, it’s not to be. Publishing is, after all, a business and this was purely a business decision and doesn’t affect my opinion of my wonderful agent and amazing editor.

3) I’ve been going through (highlight only if you want to see the personal information that may be TMI for most of you) … the divorce from hell. For all of those who have gone through this, I don’t know how you manage to keep your sense of humour and sanity!

4) I’m working on an amazing new story that I hope my editor and agent will also find amazing. Unfortunately, “amazing” is in the eye of the beholder and the economy being what it is right now, the powers that be must be very picky. The beginning stages of the proposal are with my agent now so in God’s hands so to speak ;)

Now enough about me! How about you? What is the most amazing and or challenging thing that’s happened to you over the last few months?


B.E. Sanderson said...

Hi Wendy! :waves: Long time, no see. I totally understand about the life things, though. Gallbladder problems are horrible. I hope they work themselves out soon. Sorry to hear the publisher didn't extend your contract. I'm going to miss the ghost dusters. =o( I'm also sorry to read about your personal thing. I've never been through something like that, but I know it can be hard. :hugs:

Hurray for a new story! I'm sure it'll be as amazing as you think and I can't wait to read it. (Yes, I'm that sure it'll be picked up and published because you're that good.)

Nothing amazing or challenging here. I did a total rewrite of the urban fantasy I've been working on, and it's almost ready to query. I guess that was pretty amazing. To me, anyway. Other than that, I'm just traveling through life.

Hang in there. I'm so glad you're back in the blogosphere. If you need anything, let me know.

Tori Lennox said...

Hugs re all the crappy stuff!!! I'm glad you're still writing, though! :)

Wendy Roberts said...

B.E. wow a total rewrite is both a challenge AND amazing! You should be very proud. Let me know when you send it out so I can send cyber good sale vibes your way :)

Tori, thanks for the good wishes!

Dru said...

Wendy! It's nice to see and hear from you. I've been thinking about you and I hope things get better for you, both professional and personal. Yay on the book proposal. Crossing fingers we'll see that book on the shelves.

Not much going on. I'm still reading. I'm still quilting. My job is so-so. My health is okay.

Again, it's good to see you.

Wendy Roberts said...

Dru, great to 'see' you too. Love your newest quilt!

Mish said...

I am so upset you will not be writing anymore "ghostdusters". It was my favorite series. Good luck on your other writings!

Dru said...

Wendy, I wanted to let you know that I finished Trail of Blood and it was great. I wrote my review at

Wendy Roberts said...

Michelle, it was a great series to write and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Dru, loved your review. I bet you'd really enjoy A Field of Darkness (I'm reading it now).

James V said...

Wow. I'm really bummed. I was very much enjoying that series. I will still keep you on my spreadsheet of authors I follow as I look forward to your next venture in writing. Tell your publishers they are making a big mistake! ; ) Best of luck to you.

Jennifer said...

Hi Wendy,
I stumbled across the Ghostduster series in my local Barnes and Noble. I absolutely loved it and am very sad that your contract wasn't renewed. (I get business decisions...but the fans are the ones that suffer!)But as the saying goes when a door closes-a window opens... I am keeping my fingers crossed that the powers that be pick up your new book! Looking forward to it!

Seems like you have a lot going on personally. It has been a crazy year for me and my family as well. I declare that 2011 is going to be a year of good health, good books, and better times financially for all! (Hey, I know it is early but I am trying to be positive!)

I love, love love, to read! It is my passion (other than my children!). I love going to B&N with my bff and browsing books. It is my relaxation. Money is tighter than it used to be...but I still try to indulge myself every now and again. I should try the library out more...but I always end up owing more than the books are worth! UGH! Maybe I can attach another resolution...will bring library books back on time!...yeah, that isn't going to
As for books I am reading...I love all kinds of different books. I choose a lot of chick lit books. I also like some fantasy, mystery, and children's/ young adult books. I finished three books so far this month. The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan, Oracles of Delphi Keep: The Curse of the Dead Man's Forest by Victoria Laurie, and Dead in the Family by Charlain Harris. I've enjoyed them all...but I love Victoria Laurie. She has a few adult mystery series as well.
Lately, life has been a little crazy. I definitely needed books that aren't too heavy. Next on my list...hmmm...not sure yet. I have to figure it out quick since I have nothing lined up yet!
Anyhow, glad to have found your books! I enjoyed them immensely. I am looking forward to your new books and will continue checking back for your blogs!
Sincerely, Jen

Wendy Roberts said...

James, I was bummed too! Thanks for keeping my name on your spreadsheet.

Jen, you sure have many wonderful authors in your pile! Thanks for taking the time to post a note here!

Anonymous said...

I am going to miss my Christmas gift to myself - your lastest novel... Good luck with your new novel - I hope it gets picked up.

Danielle said...

I am so upset that Ghostdusters is over. I feel like there isn't any closure. It was such a great series. I hope the new series is picked up.

Anonymous said...

oh no, say it's not so that you wont be writting any more Ghost Dusters? I actually came looking for your website/blog to find out when the next one is coming out and now I'm very sad. I hope you consider self-publishing ebooks. There are so many options now other then the tradional print publishers.