Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Editing Couch

Thanks to those who emailed to ask how the editing was going. It went great but it's great to return to the real world once more.

Editing doesn't come easy for me. For some reason, the editing process can't be done in a coffee shop (like first draft) or at my computer desk (like second draft). It needs to be done in a sunny corner of my living room surrounded by:

- coffee (3 cups in this picture but I took a couple away)
- office supplies (colored post-its, gel pens & white-out)
- snacks (Okay, I hid the bag of white cheddar popcorn and others. I didn't want ya to think I was a total pig!)

With the ms now in NYC, I'll dive back into first draft of book two tomorrow. I don't need as many comforts when writing my first draft. I'll probably even bring my Dana to my son's ball game in the evening.

So tell me, do you like to have things a certain way before tackling a project?


Jana DeLeon said...

Ha! Have things a certain way????? With all my traveling, I can't even get things to happen at the same time. :) I never know which coast I'll be on and even though Hampton Inn's are sort of similar everywhere, some have a desk, some have a couch, some have a good mattress, some NOT.

Basically, I've had to adapt to writing/editing at any time and any place. But in the long run, I think that is a good thing.

Congrats on finishing the editing!!!

Wendy Roberts said...

Jana, it's amazing how we adapt when we have to! I'm still waiting for you to take one of those business trips out my way :)

Rachel Vincent said...

Wow, your editing spot sure looks cozy.

I have to admit, though, that I do all of my work in my favorite recliner in my den. The upside is that it's really comfortable. The downside is that it's in my den, which is never quiet. ;-)

Wendy Roberts said...

It look scozy in the picture, Rachel. Truthfully, it's the only corner of the house my 4 kids haven't invaded with their stuff LOL.