Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm Very Fortunate

Came home from Thrillerfest to find this book had arrived in the mail :) Even though I now have a rather large collection of new books from my hunting and gathering in NYC, I couldn't resist diving into this story.

The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes is a collaborative book written by three fabulous authors, Jennifer Crusie, Anne Stuart and Eileen Dreyer. I've enjoyed the work of all three on their own so I knew I was in for a treat. Besides, with two sisters and a brother of my own, I'm always a sucker for a story involving siblings.

Mix three sisters with magic and you've got an irresistible premise. Each of these sisters has a unique trait and I loved reading about their various talents. Dee is the oldest sister and she can shape shift. Lizzie is the middle child who creates bunnies but would rather turn straw into gold. Mare (isn't that a great name?) can move objects but hasn't quite figured out how to focus her skill.

The trio have been hiding from their Aunt Xan who is a witch. The evil Xan supposedly killed their mom and dad in order to steal their powers. Xan has also concocted a scheme to send the sisters each the man of their dreams in order to trick them into allowing her to take their powers as well.

Overall, I found the Miss Fortunes a delightful book. Each of the sisters were strong enough characters I believe they could have pulled off their own novel and I found myself wondering if it would've worked as a trilogy. Regardless, Miss Fortunes is filled with witty banter inside a fast paced plot and is a fun read.

Have you read it? If so, tell me what you think. If not, tell me what you're reading now.


B.E. Sanderson said...

My daughter snapped that book up the other day, but I haven't talked to her about it yet. I'm currently reading Allison Brennan's The Hunt. I love her writing. Next up... I dunno. Something light probably. (Or the new HP! If I can pry it away from my kid after we get it.)

Wendy Roberts said...

Oh I loved The Hunt! When you're done, let me know what you thought.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I loved it, too. I thought it was the first one of the series, though, so I guess I'm reading them in backwards order. I read The Kill first. Ack. I still haven't read The Prey. I really liked her '...No Evil' series, too.