Monday, July 23, 2007

Summer Sloooowww Down

It's always difficult for me to remain on task in the summer. First of all, my kids are home from school. Secondly, there's the-going-away-vacation-thing and the-company-staying-with-me-for-their-vacation-thing. Thirdly, my kids are home from school.

Because I can't possibly go the entire summer without writing, I've devised little sneaky writing escapes.

1) I wake up before everyone else and write for an hour. This one is not fun and since we all tend to stay up extra late in the summer, it also makes me grumpy so I limit the early writing to a max of three times a week.

2) I bring the kids to the playground and bring my laptop with me. Great plan except for this week when it's raining every day *ugh*

3) I leave the oldest one in charge while I sneak off to Starbucks for a couple hours.

4) On those days when I can't manage any of the above but my muse is screaming for attention, desperate times call for desperate measures. I leave my laptop in the bathroom and write a few lines at every visit.

How do you manage to squeeze in time to support your passion when the rest of the world is trying to fill up your day?


Anissa said...

I've been known to employ Curious George as a babysitter on occasion. :)

I used to do the early morning too, then the baby started getting up earlier and earlier. I'm thinking I may try it again.

Good luck finding the time.

Wendy Roberts said...

With babies sometimes you have to work around their schedule. You need your sleep so don't push it :)

Anissa said...

Well, he's 16 months now, so not such a baby. How time does fly...sigh.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Wendy. Eek. This post hits home for me. I have 2 daughters, age 10 and 8. My wife works full time, and I do software-development consulting to pay some of the bills. But I need quiet for my brain to work. And my kids are not quiet. And they're always wanting to invite their friends over to play, too.

Inbetween consulting hours, I have been able to make steady progress on my latest fiction project. But almost every day now, I end up with a stress headache, and I feel like I'm going to cry.

I so can't wait for school to start again. 38 days and counting...