Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's all the little things

At this time tomorrow I'll be having lasik surgery on my eyes. I'm not at all nervous about the actual procedure. Truthfully, I'm more nervous about preparing my life so that I can have down time after the procedure. How pathetic is it that it takes days to do enough work so that you can take a couple days off?!

Sometimes you just got to get all those little things out of the way to make room for the main thing. Today I plan to do a lot of the stuff I hate early in the day like grocery shopping, advance meal preparation and laundry *shudder* Then I plan to work on my main thing which is to squeeze in a couple days worth of writing into one. I look forward to that part since I've got a scene I'm writing at the moment that is just really fun and it's got a great twist that I only just discovered.

So I'll be away from the blog for a couple days but I'll be back with my green eyes now eagle-eyed, hawk-eyed and you'll all be a sight for sore eyes *snort*

So what kind of little things are you getting out of the way so you can get to the main thing?


conley730 said...

Good luck with the surgery. I would hate the advance meal preparation too. I hate to cook. I don't mind laundry, but I really hate to do dishes!

Marianne said...

Ditto. Good luck with the surgery, and hope you're brighter eyed on the other side. :-D

I cooked ahead meals when I had dental surgery last July. No toughie. Laundry. Ugh. Dishwasher helps for washing up. :-D Big nightmare is lack of good things to read...


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Wendy, and let me know how it goes. Eye surgery is on my wish list.